The BIGGEST Buyer Turn Offs!

Seller’s take note and buyers, please know that you are not alone!

First impressions are SO important!

As a seller, a buyer is going to make a decision within second of stepping foot on your property.  What does this mean?  Educate yourself and take the time to make the first impression a good one!

Today we are going to talk about the top turn offs for buyers when touring. Facebook followers surveyed indicated that unreasonable list prices are their #1 turn off.  After all, who wants to overpay for one of their largest investments?  And let’s be honest, life circumstances change and sometimes the timing of life events is out of our control so it is always smart to position yourself to make smart financial decisions both now and in the future.

Listing a home too high can actually turn buyers away from even wanting to take their time to tour because they will see the seller as someone who will likely be unreasonable to work with.

Now onto 3 additional major turn offs aside from pricing that will keep buyers from offering.

1. Odor…. Odors can be food related, pet related or smoke related but in any case, these must be neutralized or buyers will keep walking.  No one wants to know what you ate for dinner last night just as much as no one wants to deal with a smokey smell that has been absorbed into your upholstery and potentially the sheetrock, carpets and more. If you are selling, please open your doors and windows as needed and neutralize.  Call in a professional for help when needed.  It will be money well spent.

Please also keep in mind that there is a fine line between over doing scents and refreshening scents. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing,.  Too many plug in’s or candles burning may leave buyers wondering what you’re trying to hide.

2. Unusual layouts….  Some homes may have had additions added over the years.  Perhaps they worked for the owners at the time but now don’t make sense.  Sometimes homeowner re-pupose spaces and the new purpose may not serve the next buyers needs well.  When a buyer tours, they want to know that the house has good flow. 

If you’re using a dining room as a bedroom, does it make sense or should you consider staging it to allow buyers to see what the space was intended for?

As a buyer, get creative and think outside the box about how sellers are using their spaces.  Could you remove walls, add closets or change the purpose to suite your own needs? If not, tour and move on.

3. Room sizes… For some it may be the need to put a king size bed in the owners suite. For others, they may own a sentimental piece of furniture that they just can’t part with.

As a seller, less is always more.  Remove an unnecessary pieces of furniture.  Be sure that your furniture is appropriately sized for the room.  Have you ever seen a small living room with massively oversized couches stuffed in every corner?  If your furniture or belongings don’t serve a purpose, get rid of them.  If you plan to donate or throw out items for your move, why not do it before you list? 

And for buyers, look at each listing critically before touring.  Some listings provide room sizes in the write ups. Come up with a rough idea of what your needs will require. If room measurements aren’t provided, use logic.  If a house is 900 sq/ft with 5 bedrooms, it is probably safe to assume that all 5 bedrooms will not be able to accommodate king sized beds.

Most importantly, when in doubt, ask your agent.  We tour, we study inventory and we work with both buyers and sellers so our knowledge and experience may help clarify what is in doubt.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these mishaps when touring yourself so if thats the case, know that you are not alone! And if you’re thinking of selling, take note and make sure that you aren’t guilty of lining yourself up to turn buyers away. A little bit of prep work goes a long way!

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