Q & A: My friends home is overpriced. Will it sell?

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Q: My friend is selling her home but the list price seems incredibly high. Will she be able to sell?" Great question!   So often we see homes listed for sale and we think to ourselves, are those sellers out of their minds?!?  They'll never get what they're asking! A home owner can list their home for sale for any price that they would like, reasonable or not....

Why Do Home Sales Fall Apart?

Why Do Real Estate Sales Fall Apart? https://youtu.be/UXLNUBFfMx8Back on the market... Let's explore why!Whether you're a buyer, a seller or a noisy neighbor, you have likely seen homes that have gone under contract and later come back on the market.  Is this a reason to be concerned? Let's explore the most common reasons that real estate deals fall apart. Reason #1 - Spontaneous Decisions A...

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