Selling? How to Get the Most Bang for your Buck!

Spend your time and resources wisely!

Getting your home market ready doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars.  Let’s take a look at some small cost projects that can yield a large return and get your home sold quicker than your competition.

#1 - Fresh Paint for the Win

A coat of fresh paint is often overlooked and under valued.  Being one of the lowest cost projects, this one yields one of the highest returns.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls, trim and ceilings as needed can provided a impressive facelift.  

While your little girl may absolutely love her pretty pink walls, the buyers touring may only have boys who can’t possibly imagine living in a PINK bedroom!  Yes, it’s only a color but the emotions that help buyers fall in love with a space are on the line.  If buyers tour and instead experience a blank canvas, their imagination can run wild.  

When choosing paint colors, pick something neutral and complementary with the space you are freshening.  Many large paint companies like Sherwin Williams can suggest some of their most popular colors. Choose a warm tone with a good light reflective value.  Test the color in a small area before committing and observe the test area in different lights throughout the day.  Colors in the “greige” family make a great choice!

Take your time and do good work.  Clean lines and touch ups matter. Buyer’s don’t want to have to go back to correct your mistakes.  If painting isn’t your strength, consider hiring a professional.  Even if you hire out, it will still be money well spent.


#2 - Curb Appeal

We’ve all heard the old saying “location, location, location.”  Well, buyers drive by to check out the location!  First impressions matter. 

– Trim your shrubs, remove dead bushes, trees and flowers.  

– Tidy up your yard and be sure your grass is mowed and leaves are cleaned up if needed.  

– Make sure you mailbox is in good order with fresh paint and an identifiable house number.

– Give your front door a fresh coat of paint if needed.

First impressions matter and may determine whether a buyer takes the next step to set up a showing.


#3 - Address General Cleaning & Deferred Maintenance

Once you successfully get a buyer in your home to tour, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. 

Decluttering and depersonalizing are key phrases that sellers hear on repeat and for good reason.  Less is more. Whenever possible, take the time to downsize your possessions before you list.  Remove personal photos or sentimental items that may make it difficult for other buyers to see themselves in your space. 

With less items, clean up should be simpler. Make sure your home is clean top to bottom.  Buyers want to be reassured that your home has been lovingly maintained and cared for.  Clean all countertops and flat surfaces, dust, vacuum and scrub any and all dirty surfaces.  Make it sparkle!

Have you taken care of your basic home needs?  Perhaps your roof is getting older.  Be sure that you do what you can to remove any mossy growth to keep it looking clean and fresh.  Perhaps a brick on a front walkway is loose.  Take the time to re-secure it.  Don’t give buyers any reason to believe that there is any deferred maintenance. 

Service your HVAC units if you haven’t done so recently.  Leave the service tags on your furnance/hot water heater/AC unit so that buyers can clearly see that it has been evaluated by a professional recently.

#4 - Do your Floors a Favor

Last but not least, look down and do your floors a favor.  

For carpeted spaces, consider having your rugs professional cleaned.  Spot treat any stains and freshen up any areas that need attention.

For tiled floors, clean the tiles and scrub the grout.  No one wants to see your grime.  

For hardwood floors, clean and consider a sealant with a sheen if your floors look dull.  Amazon has some amazing touch up products if areas of your floors are dry or are in need of attention.

And Pinterest can be your best friend with countless ideas to clean stubborn spots. A few hours on your hands and knees will bring buyers the peace of mind that they need to feel good about calling your space “home.”

Most importantly, if you’re thinking of selling, call a licensed professional.  A local realtor should be more than happy to walk through your space with you, room by room giving you critical feedback and suggestions about how and where to best spend your time and money wisely.

After all, your home is likely your largest asset and you deserve to maximize your profits!

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